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What readers are saying about Watch Me Drown!

"One of those books I'll be thinking about for a long while. Excellent suspense, real characters, and an ending that made me cry happy tears while my heart raced." -Marika Ray, USA Today Bestselling Author


"Simply amazing! The twists and turns this book takes are simply breathtaking." - Kim, Goodreads


"It’s a page turner and gut twister type of book that you can spend your night awake to finish it knowing the next day that it’s worth every sleepless minute." -Life Reads With Friends


"I laughed, I cried, and was left guessing in between. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book!" -Rachel, Goodreads


"I am still trying to process this book. It was so amazing, and I could not put it down." -Ashe, Goodreads


"Wow wow wow! This stunning story is my first by C.E. Johnson. It was a beautiful book that had me hooked throughout." -Emma, Goodreads

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