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Watch Me Breathe

Elements of the Heart, 3

She’s a widow. And I’m not what I would consider a good role model for her young child.

It’s been a long road for me. I’ve been plagued with bad decisions and grief. You could say life sucker punched the wind right out of me.

Just like it did to the woman in the car that spun into the ditch right before my eyes. I helped calm her down until the ambulance came, and assumed I’d never see her again.

Judging by her wide eyes and the soda that poured into my lap when Montana Hutchinson delivered the drinks to my table at the town diner, I would guess she believed the same thing.

I thought we could be friends. After all, we have more in common than even she realizes.

But it seems Tana happens to be a magnet for trouble.
And I happen to be the kind of guy that can’t sit back and watch the danger unfold around her.

I’ll do anything to protect her and her daughter.


But every day I spend with her gets harder to push down the feelings growing inside of me.
Being with Tana not only proves I’m capable of love again.

I can breathe again.

Happiness isn’t something that everyone gets the privilege to have.And there’s no way I’m about to let anyone take it away from me again.

What people are saying...

A m a z i n g! Honestly I can’t even say anything bad about this book. I fell for Lucas the first time he showed up. He made me wish I had that love in my life and so much more!  ~ @iamtannieee


"Watch Me Breathe" by C.E. Johnson was a first by this author for me. I enjoyed every second of every page of this book. I jumped in this series on the third book and I fully intend to go back and read the previous books. ~ Kristi Reetz,


I loved this book so much. The story really gripped my heart. I liked how the author unveiled everything in the book. 

~ Ola Stepien 

OMG!! Watch Me Breathe is so so good!! I love Whack and Tana!! I couldn't put this book down! It had all my emotions in check. ~ Joni, Goodreads

Suggested Reading Order for the Elements of the Heart Series

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