Watch Me Burn

Elements of the Heart, 2

I was a loner in this small town and far from the son my father wanted. What I did only made it worse.
Two guys from the lacrosse team jumped me.
They would have killed me if I didn’t fight back.

Only once I started, I couldn’t stop myself.

The cops arrested me. The town raged against me.

The judge made an example out of me.

I was a criminal.

Everyone abandoned me except my little sister.
Ten years later, she’s set to marry one of the men that destroyed my life.
And all she wants is her big brother at her side.

As if that wasn’t enough of a headache, in walks an opinionated blonde with a cabin reservation at my lodge.
The minute Natalie Bell steps out of her fancy car with designer high heels it's obvious the city girl doesn’t fit out in the wilderness.

But that doesn’t stop her from standing next to me against my biggest enemies and waging a new war in my heart.
They’re trying to put me back up on that stake. But I'm a different man and I’ll protect Natalie, no matter the cost.

The fire that rages in my chest used to be fueled by hate.

Now, I only burn for her.

What people are saying about Watch Me Burn...

"This story will have you on the edge of your seat as the fire blazes from every direction, but the hope, loyalty, love and second chances glow so bright they won't ever burn out!" -Tracey, Life Reads with Friends Blog
"It feels as if author C.E. Johnson has written this cast of characters straight into my heart!" -Misty's Corner Reviews
"Wow, wow, wow! I fell hard and fast for Owen and Natalie's love story!" - Lover of Books
"C.E. Johnson does this incredible thing were she balances romance and suspense together to take you on a heck of a ride and Watch Me Burn was exactly that."  -Sofie, Books and Dogs
"I love a book where the couple leans on one another and where the woman is also protective of her man."  -Melissa, Goodreads
"This book was utterly amazing! The author wrote an amazing story with characters that you absolutely love and some you absolutely want to smack, with a story of twists and emotionally charged love story!" - Courtney, ReadonReader
"This is a beautifully written story which is filled with angst, drama, danger, suspense, twists, emotions, and love, which all leads to a fun and entertaining read." -Wendy, Goodreads
"Everest, Gill and Whack are men that will steal your heart. Talk about broken, broody men!" -Book Reviews by Chrissyb

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