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Watch Me Drown

Elements of the Heart, 1

Against all my rules, there’s a woman sleeping in my house. I had no choice. It’s the only way I can keep her safe.

For years, I’ve stayed beneath the surface, avoiding everyone who isn’t part of my small circle.

But I couldn’t ignore what I saw at the park. And once she uses the words my father and restraining order in the same sentence, I can’t walk away even if I want to.

The more time I spend with Danielle, the more I realize I wasn’t just treading through life. I was drowning.

Falling for her was not part of the plan. Every touch of her skin and kiss to her lips destroys the wall I built inside of me.

And now I have to save her like she has saved me before we both get dragged back under the water.

What people are saying about Watch Me Drown...

"One of those books I'll be thinking about for a long while. Excellent suspense, real characters, and an ending that made me cry happy tears while my heart raced." -Marika Ray, USA Today Bestselling Author
"Simply amazing! The twists and turns this book takes are simply breathtaking." - Kim, Goodreads
"It's a page turner and gut twister type of book that you can spend your night awake to finish it knowing the next day that it's worth every sleepless minute." -Life Reads With Friends
"I laughed, I cried, and was left guessing in between. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book!" -Rachel, Goodreads
"I am still trying to process this book. It was so amazing, and I could not put it down." -Ashe, Goodreads
"Wow wow wow! This stunning story is my first by C.E. Johnson. It was a beautiful book that had me hooked throughout." -Emma, Goodreads

Suggested Reading Order for the Elements of the Heart Series

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