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Watch Me Land

Elements of the Heart, 4

It's impossible to avoid Andrea Taylor in this small town.
Especially since her best friend is married to mine.
After having my heart destroyed, I'm not a relationship kind of guy anymore.

And she deserves better.

But she's hard to resist and the fact that she wants me too, only intensifies the pull between us.

I manage to keep my hands to myself, but she doesn't and the second I get a taste of Andi, I can't get enough.
We both agree it wouldn't go further than a few hot nights with no strings attached.


Then strange things start to happen to Andi, and I become a little more than a protective friend.
I never thought I'd risk my freedom again for someone else.
But Andi has a hold of my soul, and I'll do anything to keep her safe.
My life was ripped out from under me years ago and I've been floating through the motions ever since.

Now that my feet have finally landed back on the ground next to Andi, God help whoever is trying to hurt her.

What people are saying...

"This book will provide you all the feels. Lots of fun, romance, sense of family and protection, as well as some drama and suspense that has you jumping of your seat."  ~ Nanedsmomba

"I couldn't put it down! C.E. Johnson has absolutely 100% done it again! I was immediately sucked in, feeling right back at home and familiar with the entire cast."  ~ Misty's Corner Reviews


"From their first kiss to the end of the story you felt as though you knew them personally. I loved every minute of this story and wish the series wasn’t ending."  ~ Raissa

Suggested Reading Order for the Elements of the Heart Series

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