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I was jumped. But nobody believed me.
They could have killed me, but I finally fought back. Only once I started, I couldn’t stop myself.
The cops arrested me.
The town raged against me.
The judge made an example out of me.
My family abandoned me.
Except my little sister. She was the only thing that kept me going.
But now, ten years later, she’s set to marry one of my attackers, and wants nothing more than for me to be in her wedding.
I’m going to do anything to return the love to her, that she showed me.
But that doesn’t mean I’m going to put myself back up on that stake.
They all watched me burn just for defending myself.
I won’t let them do it again.
You see, once you learn how to live in the fire, you can no longer get burned.

On the horizon:

Jasper Creek Series

The Jasper Creek Series is growing! Ridge and Justice are coming up next in the series! 

Elements of the Heart Series

I'm currently going full steam ahead on this series! Watch Me Burn is the next book that will be releasing in early 2021. Whack's book will be next and but I haven't announced that title yet. 

In the Dark Series

Never say never! Three books was all that was planned for this series. But it's possible that Kael could get a novella at some point! 


Now I know what you're going to say. "Rain isn't in a series!" Well, I've really been wanting to write Nicole and Devino a novella. Stay tuned! 

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