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Protecting You, Finding Us series


A single mom in a small town. A dog groomer. A witness to a murder.

I wish I was playing two truths and a lie.
I had just signed a lease on my dream downtown apartment, my daughter was thriving, and I had more business contracts coming at me than I could accept.

Then a killer looked me in the eye with blood on his hands, and my life turned into a nightmare.

So I packed up my daughter and moved over five hundred miles away to a small town, thinking I could hide from the world.
I was wrong. It doesn't take long before everyone within a fifteen-mile radius knows my name.

Including the extremely hot landscaper who offers to fix my lawnmower.
Then he offers a lot more than that.

When Zayn finds out what really brought us to Airabelle Valley, he makes it his mission to keep us safe.

And the closer he gets to me, the longer I want him to linger there.

But I've learned that just when things seem to be the best they've ever been, the worst is most likely right around the corner.

Protecting You, Finding Us Series!

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