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In the Dark Series, Book 1

Sophie Kohler knows all about the misfortunes of life. She learned young, people are dangerous creatures that will shove a dagger straight through your skin and into your soul. So when a man in a fancy car starts asking her if she wants a ride home after work, she has no intentions of interacting with him. 

Benson Knoxx is known for being cold and detached from the world. After losing his family and an ex that tore his world apart, Benson buried himself in his work. He vowed never to let anyone in again. The days were as dark as the nights. That was until she came along. When her eyes met his, the world started to get lighter. He knew from the beginning, she wasn't going to make this easy. But when Benson Knoxx wants something, it's done.

"Intriguing, mysterious and sexy, ‘Done’ will keep you glued to the pages until the very end." 

-The Book Lover Blog

Suggested Reading Order for In the Dark Series

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