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In the Dark Series, Book 2

I've always been the strong one.
I stand my ground. I take no crap.
That's probably why Finnegan O'Reilly hired me.
Apparently, self-control around Finn is my weakness.
But with the responsibility of taking care of my sick brother, there's no time for romance in my life.


The day Daphne Jones swayed into my pub, it was like a tornado blew through the door.
The only thing she destroyed was my own rule. Don't get involved with employees.
After our unforgettable one night stand, we both agreed to keep our hands to ourselves.
But with Daphne in danger, there's no way I'm keeping my distance now.
I'm going to protect her. Even if it means, risking everything.

"Wow! Just wow! This book is so full of emotion it left me in tears. "

- M L Dyson, Goodreads Review

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